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Camel Coat Outfit

I just love a good camel colored clothing item. If you’ve browsed through my OOTD’s (if you haven’t, please do!) you will have noticed I have another camel coat that is super cute and multiple pairs of camel boots that look great with a variety of outfits. This coat is …

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Long Teddy Bear Coat Outfit

Hey! Glad you’re here. I’ve got this cute teddy bear coat outfit to share with you! The “teddy bear” is big this winter season. I keep seeing super cute teddy bear vests around, love them! I have a pink faux fur (teddy bear like) coat outfit of the day I …

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Plaid Cape Outfit

Move over batman, hello plaid cape!


I don’t know why these aren’t as common as the white tee, because they’re amazing. I got this Plaid Cape from Nasty Gal. And it’s like wearing a jacket, with a jacket thrown over the shoulder, and all the …

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Zara Camel Coat Outfit

I wanted to share this OOTD because it is really so simple and it looks so cute. It is truly a look that would look great on anyone! 


This Camel coat is from Zara, and I L.O.V.E. it! It is longer to help keep you warm, fitted …

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Long Pink Coat Outfit

Hi all! I’m really feeling the cozy cooler weather outfits right now, and I had to share this one! 


The star of this post is this gorgeous long pink Miss Lola coat. It is basically the softest and coziest blanket in coat form- remember when those snuggy …

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Zara Plaid Coat Outfit

I wanted to share this Plaid Coat outfit, because it is so cute and casual! When you’re running an errand or meeting someone for a quick coffee or bite to eat- this is the perfect look for it. 


Plaid really is an underdog in women’s fashion. Typically …

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