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How to Wear Off-the-Shoulder Tops and Look Amazing

Let’s talk about shoulders. Remember being yelled at in school for wearing tank tops with straps that were too thin and showed too much shoulder? Silly, isn’t it? But after this post, maybe we’ll understand.


Shoulders are sexy. There is no arguing that.


Too sexy for school? …

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How to Wear a Pencil Skirt and Look Amazing

I watched a girlfriend throw out a pencil skirt the other day. Well, she tried. Her reasoning was that it was a work skirt, and she didn’t need it for work anymore; therefore, it was just taking up room in her closet. 




After the shock wore …

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15 Best Shoes to Wear With Skater Dresses

If you haven’t heard of skater dresses, they’re not quite what you’d think from the title. Skater dresses are A-line dresses, where they are narrow at the waist and flare out toward the bottom. 


The BIG thing to know is that skater dresses stop mid thigh, whereas other dresses may …

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How To Wear High Waisted Jeans

High waisted jeans made an enormous comeback in 2018 and are still going strong. I keep telling you guys that I’m giving fashion history lessons, and I’m sticking to it. All hail the high waist denim deities. So let us talk about Levi’s. I remember my mom always talking …

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How Women Can Wear a Baseball Jersey and Rock the Look

We’re mid baseball season right now and let me tell you, living in Chicago, the Cubs fans here mean business! I see baseball jerseys and other swag every time I leave the house. 


I see girls wear these jerseys and I think, gosh, those are cute! But do you really …

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How Any Woman Can Wear Vans and Make it Look Good

Show of hands, how many of us wear closed toe shoes during the year because it’s either cold, raining, we’re walking a lot that day, or we’re overdue for a pedicure? 


I’ve got both hands raised for all of the above, in case you’re wondering.


So this …

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