How To Wear Snake Print Boots

Animal prints are no stranger to fashion. If you follow my outfit of the day posts you’ll see that I’m a frequent flyer in the fierce and feral fashion statement piece district. I’m only getting started with the alliterations today, keep up! So! Let’s talk about snakes. Love them? Hate …

Styling a Long Tulle Skirt

 In case you guys didn’t know, tulle isn’t only for weddings, school dances, or ballet. Nope!  This long rose colored hi-low tulle skirt is from Sheln. Don’t you love the layers? What about the blue embroidered flowers? Love this skirt with me y’all. 


I’m wearing a black …

Yellow Polka Dot Top Outfit

Any chance you remember the commercial with the “itsy bitsy teeny weenie yellow polka dot bikini” song that was stuck in everybody’s head for a while? Every time I see polka dots I think of that song. Loving this Yellow Polka Dot Top Outfit something fierce today.

Yellow Blazer with Jeans

Hello Yellow Blazer OOTD! There is something about yellow and black/white polka dots that just work. Sort of like peanut butter and jelly. No matter what, they go together. 


So, this yellow blazer is from Nasty Gal. I think I’ve mentioned it before in my other OOTD …