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How to Wear Multiple Bracelets and Rock the Look

Bracelets are a super easy accessory we can use to use to amp up our outfits without having to go over the top. They can be bold statement pieces or they can be subtle accents. However you choose to style them, it’s important that you do.  Why have naked wrists when they can …

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Best Shoes to Wear With a Floral Dress – 9 Cute Ideas

Hello to you lovely, thanks for coming by. I’m glad you did because I’m about to talk about the best shoes to wear with your favorite floral dresses.This one’s an important one because floral dresses are gorgeous and should be worn often! 


I’ve been asked before how I pick the …

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Best Shoes to Wear With a Lace Dress

Lace dresses are such beautiful dresses. The lace gives them this hint of elegance that you just don’t get with dresses that aren’t without them being a true formal dress or gown. 


I really love lace dresses during the summer, even though they’re amazing all year round. Something about how …

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What to Wear With Leather Leggings on a Night Out

Leather leggings are a clothing item that every woman should have at least one of. Yep, leather leggings. Or vinyl, whichever. Real leather leggings won’t be comfortable so just to clarify, they’re faux leather.


Someone made a comment about one of my vinyl pants outfits one point, saying that these …

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What to Wear With Lace up Heels – 15 Cute Outfit Ideas

Lace up heels are fun shoes because they come in so many options. They have stiletto heels, chunky heels, tall heels, short heels, and wedged heelsㅡplus the laces come in a variety of thicknesses, heights, materials, and designs as well. 


But have you ever loved a pair of these beauties …

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What Color Shoes to Wear With a Yellow Dress

I don’t know about you, but yellow can be a tricky color. It’s beautiful and happy, great for all seasons. But what do you wear with it? 


I think where a lot of us get caught up with yellows is the names of the color variations, because even on a …

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What Color Shoes to Wear With a White Dress

White dresses are the ultimate dresses, despite how intimidating it may be to wear white sometimes. I remember once I got past the worry of getting white dirty, I sometimes found that some shades of white weren’t the best on my skin tone. Anyone else? Then there is the question of which shoes …

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What Color Shoes to Wear With a Red Dress

Red is a sexy color, isn’t it? All year round, for any event, and for any time of the day. You can easily make it a more playful or casual color or really amp up the sex appeal potential! 


I have a girlfriend who will only wear one, dark shade …

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The 90’s Square Toe Sandals are BACK

2018 and 2019 brought the return of 90’s fashion in full force- from hair accessories, bags, and clothes. It’s not surprising that the footwear followed suit. The closets of any fashionista should currently look like the 90’s never left. 

This summer, specifically, we’ve seen one particular fad on the runway and …

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What to Wear With High Top Vans

Are you familiar with high top Vans? Vans are known skate shoes and have been around since the mid 60’s, but these high tops made their debut in 1976.


They were originally referred to as, “Sk8-Hi,” shoes, or technically called by Vans themselves as, “Style 38,” because they numbered their …

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