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How To Wear A Turtleneck

‘Tis the season! Turtleneck season, that is.

It’s probably safe to say that the majority of the United States is experiencing weather where a turtleneck is suitable. You know, snuggly sweaters and hot cups of coffee (I know that’s a daily for some) or cocoa. Live in (or …

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Plaid Cape Outfit

Move over batman, hello plaid cape!

I don’t know why these aren’t as common as the white tee, because they’re amazing. I got this Plaid Cape from Nasty Gal. And it’s like wearing a jacket, with a jacket thrown over the shoulder, and all the power a superhero …

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How To Wear Leggings

A few years ago, leggings became more than just yoga or aerobic attire. They became a girl’s best friend (I mean, lets be real we all love spandex leggings for the support they give us) when fashion’s athleisure movement happened. The go to pants for wherever you are going. Understandably …

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Zara Camel Coat Outfit

I wanted to share this OOTD because it is really so simple and it looks so cute. It is truly a look that would look great on anyone! 

This Camel coat is from Zara, and I L.O.V.E. it! It is longer to help keep you warm, fitted some …

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Long Pink Coat Outfit

Hi all! I’m really feeling the cozy cooler weather outfits right now, and I had to share this one! 

The star of this post is this gorgeous long pink Miss Lola coat. It is basically the softest and coziest blanket in coat form- remember when those snuggy blankets …

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Zara Plaid Coat Outfit

I wanted to share this Plaid Coat outfit, because it is so cute and casual! When you’re running an errand or meeting someone for a quick coffee or bite to eat- this is the perfect look for it. 

Plaid really is an underdog in women’s fashion. Typically worn …

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Green Sweater Outfit

Something I love about the cooler months is being able to wear big over sized sweaters. Something about the big and cozy aspect reminds me of being cuddled up in a favorite blanket. It is just plain comfortable. So I wanted to share this Green Sweater Outfit because comfort can …

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Striped Turtleneck Top Outfit

Hey you guys, I wanted to share this super casual comfy yet fashionable Striped Turtleneck OOTD with you. I think stripes are one of those patterns that are given a bad rep. Outside of the jail yard, they’re actually really cute to wear! And no fear, horizontal stripes don’t add …

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How To Wear White Sneakers

Hey you guys. I wanted to write a post on how to wear white sneakers because they’re a staple closet piece but may be the underdog to the rest of the shoes that are probably beside them in your closet- so much that the chance that they are at the …

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Yellow Blazer Set

Isn’t yellow such a happy color? I love it. It’s so great with polka dots too. I’ve posted a couple other OOTD looks that feature polka dots and a yellow something to go with it. They’re just a perfect pair. Check out my Yellow Blazer with [a polka dot …

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